Thursday, October 16, 2008

Music, anyone?

I have received a command from my mother. She insists that I blog. Being a dutiful and submissive daughter, I obey with alacrity.

While driving to and from "real" school (I say with a smirk), I have been attempting to educate my ears. I've been taking advantage of our library's music collection, checking out a few different CDs every week, and listening to them in my car where they won't bother anyone else. I've discovered a few good ones so far, and rediscovered some old favorites. (Even done in overblown, bombastic American symphony orchestra style, Brahms Requiem is one of the most amazing pieces of music ever written.)

My mother bought one of the opera CDs I found a while back and I've listened to it enough that I can (1) recognize the pieces and (2) have favorites.

So, sitting on the couch tonight, watching TV, the music of one of the commercials caught my ear. It was a stupid Red Bull commercial, involving a cat preening itself while sitting in an arm chair. Peppy classical music plays.....and the "camera" pans up to an empty bird cage. I started cracking up, confusing my mother. It was a stupid commercial. But the music flitting along was Mozart's "Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja", which is sung by a bird-catcher in "The Magic Flute." I was so tickled I had to rewind and rewatch the commercial.

I realize that hardly anyone watching that commercial (let alone paying attention) would "get it", and that the fact that I did and got so excited probably confirms once again that I am a geek, but I loved seeing that someone put some actual effort into choosing the music.