Sunday, September 07, 2008

Today is my birthday. I am officially 22 years old.

My last several birthdays have been accompanied by major festivities (dinner for 20-30 at Buca di Beppo) and much excitement. For some reason, I haven't had any of that excitement this year. I didn't want a big party, so we did take-out chinese food and movies at home with just the 6 of us. I haven't been able to make gift suggestions when people (Grandma ;o)) ask for them. I didn't even remember that my birthday was coming until Facebook told me. Facebook.

Not that I haven't had a great day. Church was wonderful, as always. My mother, Patrick, and I went on the West Central Neighborhood home and garden tour. It was the perfect day to walk around outside and any day is a good day to look at old houses. Our dinner was delicious and easy to clean up and there is a cheesecake waiting in the fridge.