Monday, July 30, 2007

Harry Potter chat

Here is the transcript of a chat with J.K. Rowling, posted on the Leaky Cauldron website. She answers some amusing questions and fills in some gaps, especially regarding what happens to characters after the books. (Thanks to the people at Pemberley for the link.)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Style Tag

Courtesy of my mother:

Personal Style Quiz
Rules: You have to choose one of the two. You cannot answer "neither" or "both." You can indicate that you like both or neither, but you must state a preference.

Animal fiber or plant? Plants, please. I love my cotton.

Natural or synthetic? Natural

Ornate or simple? Simple

Color or Neutral? Color

Pastel or Vibrant? Argh. I want to answer "neither" but I'm not allowed, so (looking in my closet) I think I'll say vibrant.

Blue/Green or Red/Orange? Blue/Green

White Gold or Yellow Gold? White Gold

Gems or texture? I'm not quite sure what this one is getting at, but I'm going to guess texture

Watch or no-watch? Watch, simply for utility

Comfort or fashion? fashion (please, laugh at me)

Trendy or classic? Classic

Cables or lace? What season are we talking about? And what article of clothing? I love cable knit sweaters, but I also love light, lacy blouses.

Heels or flats? Heels

Flip-flops or sandals? Sandals! Flip-flops are anathema.

Skirts or pants? Skirts....long, swishy, girly skirts.

Geometric or floral? stylized geometric florals

V-neck or turtle-neck? V-neck (or, better still, bateau or boat neck)

Skulls or butterflies? Butterflies

Loose or snug? snug

Long hair or short? Let me think about this a moment. I'm going to say long.

Headbands or barrettes? Headbands, since barrettes don't work in my hair anyway

Shoulder bag or handbag? smallish shoulder bag, because it is almost impossible and certainly dangerous to eat while holding a handbag

Tagging Rachel, Emily, and Katie.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We spent this morning picking blueberries at a farm north of Fort Wayne with a few friends. By the time we left, our family had picked 23.7 pounds of blueberries.

It was a beautiful morning, starting off cloudy but clearing up by the time we got out in the field. The sun made it pretty warm out there, especially since the large bushes cut off any breezes. We were all a little relieved when the clouds rolled back in around 10:00.

I had never picked blueberries before, and really enjoyed my first trip out. I figured out that I could park myself in the middle of a bush and be within arms-length of hundreds of berries. Of course, I questioned my tactics after running into this guy:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do I Know You???

Sometimes the crowd at the library can get colorful, but never, EVER have I seen anything like I saw today.

Striding through the gallery and into the genealogy department this evening, I saw a Roman legionary. I might have thought that I was hallucinating, but the old man standing next to me was also staring. The guy was all decked out in his shiny armor and helmet, clanking with every step. The best part of his outfit, however, was the pair of iridescent wraparound sunglasses he was wearing.

I checked twice to see if it was someone I know.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Return of the Internet

After weeks and weeks of inconveniencing my mother at every turn, I now no longer have to hog her computer when I want to mess around online. Having had its memory erased (yes, computers get amnesia, I am told) and the entire system reinstalled, my erstwhile computer is being reclaimed. I am trying to recreate all of my settings, remember once-stored passwords, and searching for all those sites I used to have bookmarked. This is quite an undertaking.

The truly distressing thing is that, even after all of the work that was done on my computer, the original problem it had (crashing while I play games) is still not taken care of. Hmph.

Incidentally, while I am writing this, I just want to say that watching Little Women with a carton of Ben and Jerry's is a wonderful, girly way to spend a tired and lazy evening. Have I ever mentioned that I adore Laurie? Well, I do.