Friday, May 26, 2006

Wednesday: Kaikoura-Christchurch-Auckland-Sydney

We woke up Wednesday morning to a lovely breakfast prepared by Mrs. Groufsky. We had fresh-from-the-hen eggs, homemade muesli, jams and jellies, and the famous Manuka honey. We had to leave around 9:00 to get over to Christchurch and the airport. As we left, I snapped a picture of the Groufsky's garden gnomes. They aren't just any garden gnomes...They're garden gnomes who appear to have been attacked by a member of the cast of "Kill Bill." Priceless.

Our flights were nice and uneventful. On the trip from Auckland to Sydney they tried to show King Kong-or rather, a much chopped and condensed version of King Kong. That meant cutting all of the good scenes in favor of the action sequences. Ugh. I found it easier to basically ignore the movie and concentrate on my books.

We got back late in the evening and waited in a very long line for a taxi to take us to Uncle Sean's car, which was parked in North Sydney. We finally got one, but we might have been better off hitch-hiking. It might have been safer, anyway. This cabbie drove at least 40km over the speed limit at all times, through heavy traffic, over bridges, through tunnels, and he did it all without a turn signal. Or a seat belt, for that matter. It was quite a harrowing trip, but we made it back to Uncle Sean's car in our respective pieces, and if the much shorter distance from N. Sydney to the house took more time than the long trip from the airport, at least it was a SAFE drive.

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