Thursday, May 11, 2006

Now I know where NOT to sightsee...

I woke up this morning to the shrieking of several (wild) cockatoos and a kookaburra. Unbelievable.

Yesterday morning/afternoon after Aunt Anne was at school and Uncle Sean was at work, I took a little time to explore the neighborhood. They live at the "top" of Cremorne Point, which juts out into Sydney Harbor. There are paths and trails everywhere, and I was able to make my way down along the shore. It's very hilly around here, and not having had much sleep, I didn't get very far before I was out of breath and tired.

Uncle Sean came home for lunch and we went over to Balmoral Beach for some fish'n'chips. We sat down on the beach with the seagulls. Unsurprisingly, gulls seem to be the same wherever you go, and it wasn't long before we had some checking us out. One gull, which was slightly larger than the rest quickly took control of the area and chased every other bird away and wouldn't let any others within 10 feet of us! I threw it a chip to repay it. After lunch he took me on an abbreviated tour of some of the other areas of Sydney, including the gay nude beach. NO, we didn't go near it, just drove past the entrance. *shudder* Now I have a better idea of where to avoid when exploring.

I took an accidental nap that evening. I had tried to take another walk, but it started raining, so I came back inside and sat down to read. 4 hours later I woke up. Even after that, I was still able to sleep for a full 9 hours last night.

Today, since Aunt Anne has school until 4:00, and Uncle Sean has work, I'm going to go do some of the more touristy things. I'm going to catch a ferry across the harbor, check out THE Opera House, and just see what else looks interesting around there.


GrandmaJ said...

Has Uncle Sean introduced you to the coffee frog yet? I'm reliving our trips as you describe your experiences! Enjoy!

Petersen said...

We're sooooooo jealous!

Be sure to post some photos.

GRA said...

I'm loving reading your posts -- looking forward to more --