Sunday, May 14, 2006


Working to catch up here after just not thinking about blogging for a day.....

Yesterday, after sleeping in til 9:30, Uncle Sean and I went out for a late breakfast on Bondi Beach. Two eggs, lots of bacon, and a few slices of toast later, we took off for a long walk. We did the Bondi to Bronte beach walk, which took a while and gave me a few blisters, but was absolutely beautiful. It was a clear day, and the ocean was a lovely, deep glowing blue. The beaches were busy, but not annoyingly so. It just made for good people watching.

Before coming home, we drove over to Watson's Bay, which is at the opening to Sydney Harbor. There are some fantastic bluffs there, which we made our way to the top of. The view was stunning, and the shoreline - mostly cliff- was very interesting. We made our way back down from the heights, and stopped at Doyles for a drink of lemon-lime and bitters and a rest. We didn't get anything to eat, but I felt like I could have filled up on the smells of everyone else's lunch!

Yesterday evening I got to meet several of Uncle Sean and Aunt Anne-Nicole's aussie friends. We all went over to the "Bowls Club" for Trivia Night.... our team didn't win anything, but we came in third- much better than any of us had expected!

It's time for dinner now, but I'll try to fill everyone in on today....tomorrow.

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