Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday & Monday

I'm going to have to cram a few days into one post, because otherwise I fear I'll get woefully behind, forget what day it is, and come home having only documented three days of my trip.

I wasn't able to find a church to attend Sunday morning, so I sang some hymns to myself, and read a few of the sermons that had come in my email.

Anne-Nicole and I took a ferry over to Cicular Quay, and walked to the Art Gallery of NSW, where we saw a self-portrait exhibition. Some of them were really wonderful or well-known works (a van Gogh, Elizabeth Vigee-LeBrun, etc.) A few were fairly hideous and disgusting, so we didn't spend too much time around those. When we had exhausted the portrait gallery, we got some lunch at the cafe in the museum. Lunch was very delicious and ended with a piece of tiramisu....ahhhhhh.
We walked through the "normal" gallery, containing art from the Renaissance- early 20th century, the aboriginal gallery, and the asian art gallery. The asian one was my favorite. They had a beautiful collection of ceramics and pocelain pieces, which I think I could have stared at all day. There was one set in particular that was especially lovely. They were two gourd-shaped jars, one in a deep rich red, the other in a glowing blue. The glazes made them look almost translucent.

Anne-Nicole and I left around 10:00 and walked to the bus stop, where we caught a bus to downtown. From there we walked to Darling Harbor. We met her friend Susanna for lunch at a little Malaysian restaurant. Our meal was delicious, but I can't for the life of me remember what the dishes were called. Of course, it's not like I'll be able to get Malaysian food back in Fort Wayne, no matter what the dish is named. :o)

After lunch, which we stretched out over a few hours, we went over to Paddy's Market. I had to stop at the Mambo outlet. (Incidently, I take no responsibility for anything shown on that website. It can be....strange.) I found a shirt for one of my brothers -not saying which one yet ;o)- and, um, three shirts for me. They were having a sale. What can I say?

After we had finished shopping, Anne-Nicole and I went to the Chinese Garden of Friendship, which was lovely and restful, despite being passed by a monorail every few minutes.

We walked from Darling Harbor, through downtown, back to Circular Quay, where we caught a ferry back to Cremorne point. People were getting off of work as we walked through the city, so it was very busy. There were people handing out tracts and brochures everywhere. Some of them were exceedingly amusing.

Uncle Sean made dinner last night. Nothing caught on fire or exploded. But he did make some of the best frozen pizza I've ever had. ;o)

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