Monday, November 28, 2005

Catching Up

I have gone from a TTLB ranking of "Flippery Fish" to "Multicellular Microorganism." How humiliating.

Thanksgiving was nice. The food was wonderful. Shopping was fun. It was nice to see everybody, especially my "cousin" Jessica, who practically lived with us last year. I hadn't seen her in months.

My mother and I saw Pride and Prejudice yesterday. As a Jane Austen fanatic and someone who has seen every movie version of every book, I was a tiny bit worried. I still have nightmares stemming from the modernized-mormonized version of P&P that came out a few years ago....

...I'm satisfied. I wasn't the only person who walked out of the theater grinning like an idiot, which is a pretty good measurement of just how satisfying it was.The theater was about half-full (better than it was for one of my other favorite period-flicks, Vanity Faire) and everyone in there seemed to GET the movie. They all laughed...or giggled... in the right spots.

Mr. Bingley was adorable. He was like a cute, confused puppy. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett were much more low-key than in the A&E version, but still hilarious. Jane was lovely and gentle and soft and calm and sooo....Jane-ish.

Keira Knightly was a great Elizabeth and I think she captured Elizabeth's "quicksilver temper" really well. My mother thinks that she must have watched the A&E version several times before she got the part because in some of her facial expressions and intonations, especially in the parts that were really word-for-word from the book, she looked or sounded a lot like Jennifer Ehle (the other Elizabeth.)

I was really worried when I saw the pictures of Matthew MacFayden, who plays Darcy. The pictures I found made him look like some watery-eyed, weak-chinned rat boy. Yeah. I was scared. But everything is alright now. He's a nice Darcy. And his eyes aren't watery. They're fine. :o)

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