Friday, October 28, 2005


This is the sort of school work I like.

For this weekend, my German professor assigned the class two essays (naturliche, in Deutsch!) That is normally bearable, but not fun. This weekend it's fun.

Because Halloween is coming, we're supposed to write an essay on vampires, why they drink blood, and how long they can "live." Also, we're supposed to add our own ending to a story we have been reading in class, about a little vampire who mistakes a kitchen bench for a coffin and comes home from the fleamarket with a family.

I really should know better than to write anything while listening to music with my mother. She was playing Queen, so that poor little vampire ended up getting kinda drunk on red wine and singing Bohemian Rhapsody....That's before the family took him to Las Vegas, where he now has a very successful show.

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LutheranCowgirl said...

{cracks up}

Can you pretty please translate it and send it to me? :oP