Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"...the monkey chased the weasel...."

Another 7:00 AM day. It's getting easier to wake up, although no more enjoyable. As Evan astutely remarked last night, "Oh, you're one of those 'eight hours of sleep' people." I had to correct him. I'm one of those 10-11 hours of sleep people.

The early start meant lots of gorgeous morning hours, which Prita and I spent at the park. I used my handy-dandy smartphone (I still can't get over that thing) and found a city park with a playground about a mile away. We walked down and Prita spent the next two hours running, jumping, swinging, sliding, and staring at all the bigger kids. I was happy to let her go as long as she wanted because, of course, lots of exercise means a better nap, right? Or no nap, if you're dealing with this kid. She managed 10 minutes of sleep in the stroller as we walked home. That was it. She was good to go for the rest of the day. Not that I didn't try to get her to nap again. We spent 45 minutes in the rocking chair, singing. If sound stopped coming from my mouth, she would cry. I cannot count the number of times I sang "Pop Goes the Weasel" to the wee beastie.

For all that, it was a pretty good day, and the mother came home over an hour early, so I get to spend the entirety of the evening with my husband.


Susan said...

So, if you get tired of "Pop Goes the Weasel," are you allowed to sing hymns to her? Or would the parents get upset if they heard Lutheran hymns coming out of their munchkin later?

Bethany said...

I guess we'll find out, because that was what I turned to when I got sick of nursery rhymes. ;o)

Katsuke said...

I know I shouldn't, but I can not help but laugh... a lot.

I've never known a child like that, nope, nope.

I'm sure your own children will be much more manageable, and you'll be able to sing hymns too :-)

Bethany said...

Of course, I'm planning on having perfect children. Evan and I have talked it over and we are both in favor of the idea.

Elephantschild said...

Evan has lived such a charmed life that I honestly wouldn't be surprised if his children are perfect.

Tis a pity. I don't wish difficult children on you, dear Bethany, but I do wish such on my brother. Mwahahahahaha.