Saturday, March 11, 2006

Roadtrip :o)

Hip-hop-hooray, Bethany has a learner's permit again. I got it yesterday while out running errands with my mother. (I hope) this means I should have my license sometime soon. Won't that be nice....

My mother and I left home at 7:00 this morning and drove to South Bend, where she spoke at a homeschool conference and I got to hang out with da Bean. We went shopping (Kohl's, Target, and DSW....what more could a girl ask for??) where we found some splendiferous bargains. After we had exhausted our shopping choices, we hung out a while at Panera where we amused some old people with our oppressive girliness by giggling and gushing over Pride and Prejudice. After my mother had finished speaking at the conference, she took us out for lunch at TGIFridays where we did NOT get chocolate martinis. Drat.
Incidently, Cinnabon cheesecake is sooo bad. Don't even get near it. It'll...I don't know...take over your brain so that you lose all powers of self-control. Now you're warned.

So, we left South Bend *sniffle* and I drove home. I did a very good job of it too, despite manifold hazards such as Amish buggys, tailgating SUVs (those SUVs...never can trust them,) and lots and lots of wind. *pats self on back.*

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