Monday, January 23, 2006

Let's all sing "Kokomo"

Ghengis Khan has nothing on my grandpa in the "cruel and unusual" department:

"Hi all you goose bump people, 14deg in Anderson, 72 deg here as we speak. Oh well, the bad news it’s only going to get to 81 deg today, the temp tied a Sarasota record of 84 deg yesterday."

That was the email he sent out yesterday. We've been getting daily updates on exactly how warm it is down in Florida and what the temperature of the pool is. (90 degrees as of yesterday....)

I'd like to think I've done fairly well this winter. I haven't gotten cranky or stir-crazy because of the weather. In fact, as far as winter weather goes it's been amazing; plenty of 40 degree days and several in the 50s. Unfortunately, NO Indiana winter weather can compete with the Gulf of Mexico and I'm starting to feel more than a little "homesick" for the beach.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE....If I lived in Florida I probably wouldn't have been around last week and definitely would not have had friends staying at my house. I also couldn't go to church at Redeemer (kind of a long commute) and finding a church to attend down there is...uh....difficult.

But a vacation would still be nice.

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