Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Excuses, excuses

I have excuses for not posting in days and days. Good excuses too.

Firstly, I was in Michigan skiing and having a marvelous time (with the exception of sleeping on the very cold hotel room floor. That wasn't so marvelous.) Despite my reputation for being less than coordinated at times, I managed to not injure myself. No one else got injured either, even Patrick, who managed to run off of a slope into a tree. Or Winston, who took a jump and didn't land on his feet.

My second excuse is that classes started again yesterday. I was actually looking forward to it, although who knows how long that will last! I'm sure I'll enjoy my classes this semester. They're all things that are of particular interest to me, with the exception of my communications class, but I have friends in that class, so it's not too bad.

I had my first rehearsal as a member of the Bach Collegium tonight. I'd been wanting to join for a while now, but just finally decided to go ahead and do it. We started working on several lovely pieces, including Brahms' "German" Requiem. Patrick is dreading the concert. He is strongly prejudiced against ANYTHING Brahms, thinking it's all "nap music." Or, in the case of the Requiem, "music that puts you to sleep. Forever." (Although, he has an even bigger problem with Bach arias. He compares anything that is ridiculously long or repetetive to an aria. No one tell Kantor, but I agree with Patrick!)

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