Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Moths gotta live, too. Out there."

I've decided to resurrect the blog for the Summer, because I need something to do besides spending money on food and fancy espresso drinks. I'm really good at that and enjoy it entirely too much. Also, every time I talk to my youngest brother, he works in a complaint about how tired he is of seeing recipes when he opens my blog. The clear answer is for him to stop checking, but he asks so nicely.

If I do post regularly, chances are I'll talk a lot about pregnancy-stuff, so reader beware. (That assumes anyone besides my brothers still check this. And if I start posting any gory details, they'll be driven away soon enough.)

For this non-pregnancy-related story, I need to go back a few days. Last Thursday, a spot showed up on our freshly painted white ceiling. (You'd have to see our apartment to know how notable this was. Between tenants, they went over everything with a layer of white latex paint.) This spot was approximately the size of a quarter, kinda orange-colored, and looked exactly like damp drywall. We don't have a step ladder or anything more stable than a canvas camp chair, so close examination was out of the question. I checked later in the day and ascertained that the blotch wasn't growing. Friday came, and there was no change, so I assumed that whatever it was--leak from above or splash from beneath--it was stable and nothing to worry about at the moment. Fast forward through our weekend in Indiana.... We came home Sunday evening and the spot had turned black, but hadn't grown or changed otherwise.  Neither one of us was concerned.

You can imagine my reaction, then, when I came out this morning and the spot--formerly quarter-sized and solid black--was now the size of a $.50 piece and swarming. That's right: our ceiling spot had turned into hundreds of tiny larvae. After I had overcome my initial horror and revulsion, I did some checking online and found that 1) it was likely moth larvae and 2) they weren't likely to go crawling all over the apartment over the course of the morning. So, I called up the building manager and left him a message asking if he could come clean the moth larvae off my ceiling. When he showed up later this afternoon, our conversation went like this:   

G: Hey there, I got your message this morning. What?!
B: Come on in and look. (pointing to ceiling)
G: That's the weirdest $%@# thing I've ever seen.

After talking a little bit about how bugs have to live too, provided they do it OUTSIDE OF HIS BUILDING(!!!), he pulled out a spray bottle of bleach and let them have it. With extreme prejudice. This was a great relief to me.


Rachel said...

After watching Dr Who, I'd be terrified of a spot on my ceiling!

Jane said...

SO happy about the revival.;)