Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some Initial Thoughts

Blogging makes more sense when the people who want to know the mundane details of my daily life aren't also the people experiencing those mundane details with me. So this is for anyone who cares to know. :o)

1) Having a small washer and dryer is a pain in the rear. Seriously. The washer maxes out at four towels; I just stuck a sheet set in and it is making me nervous. Granted, there are only two of us here, so the laundry doesn't exactly pile up like it did at home, but the inefficiency of doing five loads where I formerly could have done one is driving me batty.

2) Shopping for two people is harder than I had anticipated. We went to the supermarket on Tuesday evening and neither one of us has any idea how to buy groceries in small amounts. How much milk will we use before it goes bad? How many eggs? If we buy a pack of frozen burritos, will they actually last more than a day?

3) The other side of only having two people eating is that cooking and post-meal clean-up takes no time. We've run the dishwasher twice in three days, and that was mainly to deal with new dishes, glasses, and storage boxes.

4) Leftovers. I get them.


Rachel said...

I'm still not always sure how to handle this whole "two people" thing. Dinner-sized leftovers are pretty cool, though.

And you know what? A box of ice cream sandwiches actually has a chance of lasting a whole week!

Katsuke said...

Without three teenage (or thereabouts) boys around, there are such things as the mysterious "leftovers."

As for shopping, I've found starting small works. Buy one thing of milk, if you need more before next shopping trip buy more next time. It probably took me a good year or so to really start getting into the swing of shopping.

Katsuke said...

Rach, you both must have better self control than what goes on here. A box of ice cream sandwiches (unless hidden) has no chance of lasting a week.

Elephantschild said...

Eggs last a long, long time in the fridge. Weeks. No, really. Weeks.

Jane said...

We had the stackable washer and dryer with four kids. THAT is a pain. :) You guys will figure out the grocery thing pretty quickly. Eggs & half-and-half keep, milk doesn't. Carrots keep, celery & onions keep fairly well, lettuce & cabbage don't keep for long.
Enjoy. :)

revalkorn said...

You said, "Leftovers. I get them."

Does that mean that you *understand* leftovers now, or that all leftovers belong to you? *wink*

Bethany said...

Mainly the latter. Although, come to think of it, I wasn't entirely convinced of their existence before now. I would put them away after dinner, but by the next morning they would have disappeared. So, yes, I get to enjoy them now and I know that they are, in fact, real.

Delawaremamma said...

Oh I enjoyed this so much:-) I have been reliving my wedding and newlywed time through your posts and the pictures I've seen in Facebook. There is a picture of me practically identical (standing in the same spot) to the shot of you peeking at Evan just before you saw eachother privately in the sanctuary. We did the same thing. They are my favorite pics from the day. I hope yours turn out just as special.

Your shopping trip had me laughing as I had the same trouble. I also can't cook for two either:-) The addition of children don't help this fact for a few years either. By the time I have it all figured out my boys man sized appetites will kick in and I'll have to remember how to cook in bulk:-)

Enjoy yourself Bethany. Marriage is wonderful:-)

Susan said...

To some extent, I'm going through the shopping/cooking thing with you. I've worked my way into the Smaller-Family-Thing a little slower, though. Sometimes it surprises me how long leftovers last now, or how little I have to buy at the store.

It sure is faster to cook for two people. But I've learned that you cook differently. There are things Gary & I can make when we're home alone for the evening that we never would have been able to prepare for 8. There are other dishes that are easy for 8 and just don't work for 2-3. I haven't got that all figured out yet, but I know that omelets and stir-fry and pork cutlets and fried chicken are a lot easier for 2 than for 8.

Audrey said...

The freezer is your friend. :) If you buy a loaf of bread or bagels, buns, etc., put at least half in a bag and freeze it. You can freeze whole tomatoes, bell peppers with seeds removed, cheese that has been sliced or grated (blocks of cheese don't work as well), garlic cloves with skins still on, etc. I chop green onions and freeze them in sandwich-size bags for cooking. You can chop cilantro, freeze it by the tablespoon in plastic wrap-lined ice cube trays, then thaw them for guacamole. Same thing with fresh grated ginger. Frozen/thawed vegetables don't look as pretty, but they're fine for cooking.

Cassie said...

I agree with everyone else, it takes some adjustment to buy for two people... but easiest thing to do is to buy small and gradually buy more at the store if you guys run out. I don't know how close you are to the store but you could just buy the small amount and make multiple trips to the store. It's been almost a month since you wrote this so you probably figured it out mostly. :)
We might be getting a place here soon with hookups so we could buy a stackable and put them in the room, we also have laundry downstairs so that's nice, but it's coin operated,but bigger loads.