Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the Hunt

I finally sat down and got serious about looking for a job today.

Wait...just....give me a minute....


Okay. I'm fine, really. It wasn't that bad. I put in an application at Starbucks, both my home office on the Capitol Square and two others in town. I also looked up all the banks within walking distance and applied to the two that were hiring tellers. I took a deep breath and an antacid and checked the city and county websites for jobs, since that would be the place to find something library-related. No luck there, but that's really okay. As much as I loved my library job, I'd really rather not work directly for the government again. It always made me feel a touch squeamish. While I was holding my nose (or was it my breath? I don't know...holding something and feeling ill, anyway), I also checked one of the job sites with paralegal job listings. Then I came to my senses and realized that I would rather work at Sears--now hiring 7 salespersons--than go back into the law office environment.

I also checked out Craigslist, for the first time ever, and was immediately sidetracked by the weirdness. "YOU CAN BE A SURROGATE MOTHER. $30,000+!!!!!!!" "Make $3,000 a day from home. Not a scam." "Apprentice seeking Jedi Master." All good options, I'm sure.

The search continues tomorrow. And every day until I am successfully bound in wage slavery.


Patrick said...

Guess who else applied at Starbucks today? Aww yeah!

As for $3,000 a day...was this posted by a dispossessed central African Royal? Or is it chemistry related?

Rachel said...

Well, at least you have an apprentice now...

Elephantschild said...

At least you'll very likely be working while your honey is otherwise busy with his TPS report-practice and whatnot, not when he's home and you're missing out on time w/ him.

My sister worked at Starbucks. She got to take home "expired" pastries. Nice perk. (No pun intended.)