Friday, October 15, 2010

At the Grocery (with snarky commentary)

Cashier-Guy: So, do you like classical music?
Excellent pick-up line.
Bagger-Girl: You mean, like, Elton John or, like, Michael Bolton?
Come on. You could have said, "Like, AC/DC or Van Halen?"
Michael Bolton??? Seriously????

Cashier-Guy: No....
Bagger-Girl: OH, or do you mean, like, Pachelbel?
And then the light comes on.
Cashier-Guy: Yeah, or like Beethoven.
Bagger-Girl: Yeah, I like it okay. I used to play the piano.
Cashier-Guy: Yeah, me too. I can play, like, half of Fur Elise. You know the song Fur Elise?
Maintaining the spelling "Fur" because 1) that's how he said it and
2) I don't feel like searching for an umlaut.

Bagger-Girl: Oh yeah. That's cool. I used to play Beethoven's 9th Symphony.
The whole thing? On the piano? That is an accomplishment, indeed!
Cashier-Guy: You know what my favorite piece is? The Brandenburg Concerto.
Points given for knowing of the Brandenburg Concerti.
Points deducted for not realizing that there are, in fact,
six of them.


Adriane said...

I wish they could have heard your thoughts. I would have paid to see that. Wait. Can we recreate the scene?

Jane said...

My thoughts, too. We were thinking in stereo. ;) It was a very special moment, Adriane. I wish you could have been there.

Elephantschild said...

I think you have to deduct a few more points for his implication that he also played (one of) the Brandenburg Concerti on the piano.

But then you have to add 1/2 a point back for the guy hitting several of the Classical Top 40 hits in one conversation.

Anan said...

It's bad enough when music students have conversations entirely based on random rep... this is terrifying to the extreme!