Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's the moral of this story?

I posted once before about the characters I encounter in the elevator at work.

Add this guy to that mix.

I prepared to go downstairs this evening and, when the elevator doors opened, I found that it was already occupied. A young man--probably my age or a little younger-- was standing in the far corner, leaning one shoulder against the elevator wall. He was wearing sunglasses (!!!), very droopy, frayed jeans, and a very loose white tank top that showed off his myriad tattoos. As I walked in, I noticed that he was listening to his iPod and that it was turned way up. He was also singing along under his breath.

It took me a few seconds to hear exactly what he was listening to, and a few seconds more for it to fully register.

This wasn't quite what I was expecting.


Anan said...

I love it. I will think about this in every already occupied elevator now...

Elephantschild said...

Left Coasters and East Coast "cultured" types like to knock country music, but truth is, the musicianship is better in country music, the lyrics usually show much more wordplay and sophisticated rhyming than mainstream rock, and, best of all, it doesn't take itself so blasted seriously. :)

GRA said...

You won't believe this ;) but I hadn't heard "Suds in the Bucket" before! I do have to say that when you were describing the guy in the elevator, I was screaming in my brain, "turn and run, Bethany; turn and run!" But, then, I *am* your grandma!