Sunday, March 21, 2010

What were we talking about again?

Student: What's a creditor? Is it a kind of animal?
Assistant: No, that's a predator.
Me: A creditor is a person to whom a debt is owed.
Student: Whom? Whom. [like an owl] Whoooom, whoooom, whoooom.
Student Two: Is a creditor the same thing as a debitor?
Assistant: Debitor? Oh wait. Debtor.
Me: No, a debtor is the person to whom....
Student: [owl voice] Whoooom! Whoooom!
Me: Moving on....
Student: Hey, why does the lesson not match the coloring page? It's, like, not the same story. Look! On this picture, they're eating grapes and blueberries and, like, bread. In this picture, they're eating, like fish filets and bacon. Obviously not the same story.
Assistant: What is it with you children and food? Don't you eat breakfast before Sunday School?
Student: Bethany, who created the first avocado?
Me: God did.
Student: Cool. Who created the second avocado? Was that God too? Did the avocado fall into sin with Adam and Eve?
Student Two: Why do you like avocados so much? I like strawberries.
Student: Yeah, how about strawberries? Did they fall into sin too?
Me: Hey look! It's time for music!
Student: Whoooom. Whoooom.


Displaced Iowan said...

Redeemer Sunday School = complete pandemonium at its finest.

Next time, feel free to join our class where the students will answer every question, such as, "What did the woman use to anoint Jesus' feet?" with the answer "Ewwww! Jesus was stinky!"

Bethany said...

We did get one, "Ewwwwwww! She kissed his feet?!" comment, which was followed by, "Uh, yeah. We're talking JESUS here. You have a problem with GOD'S feet?"

And the teacher stands by, knowing that this would be a good opportunity to point out that, since Jesus was also a man like us, his feet probably did get dirty, but also knowing that the kids will either 1) spend the rest of the lesson talking about dirty feet or 2) remember nothing from the lesson except that God has dirty feet.

GRA said...

I love it! Except that I'm to begin teaching SS again in May; now I don't feel so confident...