Friday, June 01, 2007

Apparently my blog is in imminent danger of being hacked and deleted unless I start writing. Since I am tired, far too slap-happy write anything legible (let alone intelligent), and just a little cranky, I thought that I would just share something truely inspiring.

Baby names.

My mother and I have a weekly ritual. One of us will pull the birth announcements from the Fort Wayne paper and we will read the names aloud, sometimes spelling out the most impossible and ridiculous ones. My personal favorites this week were twins Xamir Asante and Sebastian Amadeus. I can't decide which one I would rather be. It could be worse, though. There was someone in there with the middle name Nimrod. I realize that it is a real name, but all I can hear is Bugs Bunny saying, "What a nimrod...."

Or, there's little Uriyah Danyell. Uriyah, pronounced like, Uriah the Hittite, except that Uriyah is a girl. I was so moved by that name that I decided I would name my first daughter Zebedee, but (since all letters and sounds are now interchangeable) I would spell it Xebydii. Isn't it cute???
In case anyone had any doubts, that was completely facetious.

December, Amyah, Kateri, Mineee-Kae, Everlye, Jaiyr, Keishyeia, Nasiyah and Nysi, Aneciea, Reace, and Talon deserve special mention. I couldn't bring myself to type any of the many names that contained Xs, but know that they were there.

I can't decide whether it would be worse to be a Jaiyr who will go through life with a name no one can spell, or a Caiden/Kaiden/Kayden/Kaedyn/etc. who will be in a class full of boys and girls whose names are all pronounced exactly the same.

Incidently, this is way fun. Just explore.

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