Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Complainin' a Bit

Serves me right. I'm in a goofy, girly, mood for a few days and I get a nasty cold. Well, it probably wasn't the girliness that did it. I blame Daylight Savings Time, which threw off my sleeping habits and upset my delicate constitution. That and the fact that I haven't taken my vitamins regularly for a while.

Before the cold came the muddled mind, which made german class all but impossible to follow. (When I'm not feeling well speaking English is a stretch.) My piano lesson yesterday morning was a farce. I'm supposed to have 9 pieces nearly memorized, and all I could do was stare at the keyboard and try to remember where each note was. I don't even remember yesterday's history class....I believe it was something involving medieval towns, but that's about it. Good thing I have the book.

I had some good news this morning though, which was comforting after the sort of lack-witted week I've had. I got my "Art Controversies" paper back from my art history prof. after an extremely long wait. She's a pretty tough grader, but she gave my paper an A+ (yippee!)

Now I'm going to go down some vitamins, drink some MelaTea, and do my best to get over my cold before Saturday, when the Bach Collegium has an all-morning rehearsal for our Sunday performance.

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Bean said...

I feel your pain!!! >hug< I think that this time of semester pretty much just generally sucks every semester because our brains and bodies start to wear down.

Just a few more weeks! We WILL survive! ;o)