Friday, December 23, 2005

A Huge Sigh of Relief

It was nice getting my first semester of college out of the way, but even nicer is knowing that I got it out of the way and ended up a 4.0 GPA. :oD

This is a HUGE relief, especially in light of the problems I had with my english class/professor. I also get to keep my scholarship, which I had been a little worried about. I'm sure it also feels great to my homeschooling mother... just a reassurance that she didn't (completely) mess me up.


Medicus Cantus said...

Alright, Beppy!!! :-D

GrammyJ said...

Congratulations, Beppy! The hardest part is now behind you!

Grandfather Dear said...

Belated on-line congrats!!! GFDear & I are so happy for you (a little proud, too).