Thursday, October 06, 2011

It's a phase, right?

Prita has a charming new trick. I say something, and she repeats it back precisely, with a loud "NO!" appended to the end of the last word. It goes something like this:

Me: Please pick up your matching cards.
Prita: Please pick up your matching cardsNO!

Me: It's time for yogurt.
Prita: 's'time for yogurtNO!

Me: Get your fingers out of your nose!
Prita: Get your fingers out of your noseNO!

Ah, yes. The Terrible Twos, but with a language gap. She's not quite sure what I'm saying, but she is NOT GOING TO DO IT!!!

This is why Evan and I have decided that all of our children are going to be naturally obedient and compliant....
Just kidding. I know we're doomed.


Katsuke said...

I've found the terrible twos are often exacerbated by language barriers, and when clear communication is established things can run much more smoothly.

So, you know, all you have to deal with is the "no!"

Cassie said...

My kids are going to be awesome and never misbehave... that's my plan anyways. They have ways of changing your plans.

Elephantschild said...

You'll be SO well prepared for your own kids from having this job that even if your kids are monsters (and they won't be!) you'll be able to handle it.