Monday, September 14, 2009


From my second favorite Project Runway alumnus:

Christian Siriano, Spring 2010.

There are several dresses in there that I would be more than happy to wear.


Emily said...

Who was your favorite? I'm catching up on Season 4 thanks to the public library. . . I finally understand the appeal of Sweet P.

Bethany said...

Daniel Vosovic, Season 2. Except for that collection in the all-star show. Blech.

I really don't remember much that Sweet P. did. Reruns of Project Runway sound like an excellent way to waste some time this Winter. ;o)

Emily said...

I hate to say this, but after watching the runway portion of the All-Star challenge, I must conclude that the entire production was rigged to allow Daniel Vosovic to finally win Project Runway.

I can't remember anything Sweet P made either, but she is very good at talking to the camera and making expressive faces. Very nice, likeable person, the everywoman of fashion, if you will.

Anan said...

My favorite is the blue print gown with the bubble style skirt. Total win.