Monday, November 03, 2008

Patrick and I got up "early" (7:30) this morning to go work out at the Y. Generally, the atmosphere is fairly upbeat, and they pump in happy, slightly lame, adult-contemporary music of the "80s, 90s, and Today!" variety. Bearable, fairly quiet, and safe for the whole family.

Well, this morning their radio was possessed by demons. Instead of the usual Coldplay and Sheryl Crow, we were treated to a whole morning of 50 Cent, Akon, and various other purveyors of raunchy rap. Fortunately, the volume was low enough that the majority of the songs were drowned out by the whirring of treadmills and clanking of weights, but enough made it through to make the old man across from me look like he was going to have an attack of some sort.

The highlight of the morning however, by far, was the political commentary to which we were treated between every "song." (Yes, I am calling the musicality of the genre into question. But that's for another time.) The DJs on this particular station let loose the usual digs, suggested that "Those dirty Republicans want to make it so that only gun-toting oil barons feel safe going to the polls" and uttered a few unrepeatable slams on Sarah Palin. Apparently Akon will leave the country if Obama is not elected. Darn. My very favorite comment of the morning, however, was this little gem: "If McCain gets elected, gas prices will be so high, it will be cheaper to take a cab everywhere."

Just let it sink in. Enjoy the feel of deep, considered, intelligent political commentary. Ahhhhhh.

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