Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just what I always wanted!

My brothers are off gallivanting again. This time they are on vacation in Michigan with our grandparents and cousins Kate and Matt. My father was also in Michigan yesterday on business, leaving us girls to our own devices.

Before bed, my mother helped me put in pin curls. I wanted curly hair so badly when I was little-- we tried hot rollers, foam rollers, braids, and pin curls. Somehow, within minutes my hair would always be flat and painfully straight. At some point, I gave up and stopped trying to make my hair curl, but last night I thought that it was worth another try. My mother gooped my hair up and started pinning. I wrapped my head in a scarf to sleep, wishing oh-so-badly that I had an honest to goodness night cap (with blue ribbons....and a matching night gown.....)

When I took out the curlers this morning, my hair was enormous. It would have been fun to leave it like that, but since I had to work, I figured it might be wise to tame it a little and stuck it back in a clip.

Somehow, miraculously and unexpectedly, the curls stayed all day. When I got off work, it was still curly. After going shopping and trying on several shirts--still curly. After brushing it and putting in a pony tail tonight-- still curly. So what if as soon as it gets wet I'll be stuck with stick straight hair again? Now I know that something works.

Putting in the curlers last night got me started on one of my favorite hair-rants: '40s hair. I want to be able to wear '40s hair styles. As far as I can tell, the styles were universally flattering and incredibly feminine. Will someone please bring those back?


Susan said...

You think there's something to age? When I was little, hot rollers or regular curlers would put a little body in my hair for 20 minutes ... but no curl. Overnight sponge rollers and lots of hairspray could keep my hair curled for an hour or two. By the time I was your age, I could get some body out of hot rollers or a curling iron. And then when I was 35, I got some real curls and still have 'em. So why does little-kid hair insist on being so blasted straight?

Anonymous said...

When I was young, I had curly hair but wanted long, straight hair so that I could have braids like my friend's. I guess it's human nature to want what we don't have! I hope you have pictures of the curly hairdo.