Monday, June 16, 2008

You Bet I Like Nature

I have a theory-- it seems that the disgustingness of an insect or spider is directly proportional to the beauty of the flower near which it is living. I noticed this again this evening while tending our roses. Every time I found myself admiring one of our plants, I would also find myself suddenly disgusted by some creepy-crawly that had made itself at home on said plant.

(And no, the dude in the picture there was not in the garden tonight. He is either long dead or still stranded on a very large island on the other side of the world where he passes his time eating large bugs and small children.)

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Katsuke said...

Actually many spiders are quite nice to look at, and I enjoy doing so as long as they maintain the no-touching policy.
Real lady bugs are cute too, just not the fake yellow ones.