Saturday, September 29, 2007

Woe is me

I just got finished complaining on Facebook, and decided that I might as well complain here too. I am trying to write a paper on Aristotle's Politics, and I am about to lose my mind. Of course, this is the last thing I want to happen, since it is difficult enough for me to comprehend the old geezer with my brain firmly in place. Maybe it's just me (or maybe it's just Aristotle) but every argument I find seems to need multiple paragraphs of clarification and definition before I can even attempt to say anything about it.

So, instead of writing my paper I'm posting here and playing Scrabble online with my mother.

Really, I already have 1 3/4 pages of a 5 page paper done, and it isn't due until the 16th, so I'm actually in good shape.

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