Sunday, July 08, 2007

Return of the Internet

After weeks and weeks of inconveniencing my mother at every turn, I now no longer have to hog her computer when I want to mess around online. Having had its memory erased (yes, computers get amnesia, I am told) and the entire system reinstalled, my erstwhile computer is being reclaimed. I am trying to recreate all of my settings, remember once-stored passwords, and searching for all those sites I used to have bookmarked. This is quite an undertaking.

The truly distressing thing is that, even after all of the work that was done on my computer, the original problem it had (crashing while I play games) is still not taken care of. Hmph.

Incidentally, while I am writing this, I just want to say that watching Little Women with a carton of Ben and Jerry's is a wonderful, girly way to spend a tired and lazy evening. Have I ever mentioned that I adore Laurie? Well, I do.


Thomas said...

So, you will be blogging more frequently now, right?

Emily said...

Have you noticed that they still use the soundtrack from the 90's version of Little Women for every new female chick flick/period drama that comes along?

Bethany said...

Lol! I'd never actually noticed that before, though I always thought that the music sounded really familiar.