Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday Photo Hunt

Today's theme is Red.

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I just love taking pictures of the flowers at Foster Park, especially the tulips. They have so many "good sides" to get pictures of, and the colors are just fantastic! For some reason, this one always makes me think of a dragon.

I love this picture, which I took while staying in Australia. That's my aunt in the red coat, and my uncle is father up along the path in his red shirt. We were on our way to see some Aboriginal cave paintings (which, incidently, were also red.)


Pamela said...

Tulips are beautiful and you really captured a gorgeous shot of this one! It would look lovely on the wall...nature makes RED and purple look so pretty together! :)

Jane said...

Absolutely gorgeous picture. That's one of my favorites.

ZootsMom said...

Fantastic pictures. I love them. Thanks for stopping by

LibertyBelle said...

I love the flower and the jacket!
Mine's up too
Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

love your pics :) very pretty