Monday, July 10, 2006

Where I've been

We had the pleasure of seeing Uncle Sean and Aunt Anne-Nicole last week; a pleasure that was far too short-lived.

Our family drove over to Plymouth (IN) on the 4th, where we visited with my grandparents; aunt, uncle, and adorable cousins from South Bend; bummy Uncle Scott the Golf Pro; and, of course, "the foreigners." We hung out, had a go at just about everything, and played a few rousing games of bocce ball.

My mom drove us over again on Friday for another visit, and they came over to Fort Wayne the next day. My mother and I fixed a splendid brunch for our visitors (omlettes, lox, several different baked goods, homemade granola & yogurt....mmmmmmmmmm.) After we had finished eating, we all sat down and watched the World Cup semifinal- France v. Portugal game- cheering on France.

Uncle Sean and Aunt Anne had to leave far too soon (to me, at least) and go visit other family members. I know the time will go quickly between now and when we see them next, but as of right now, it seems like an eternity.

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